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Congratulations to our company for winning the 2018 SMEs in Anhui Province

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    According to the "Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Law of the People"s Republic of China", small and medium-sized enterprises refer to laws and regulations established within the territory of the People"s Republic of China that are conducive to meeting social needs and increasing employment. They are in line with national industrial policies, and the scale of production and operation is small and medium-sized. Form of business.

    The technology-based SMEs are mainly scientific and technological personnel, founded by scientific and technical personnel, mainly engaged in scientific research, research and development, production and sales of high-tech products, commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, technology development, technical services, technical consulting and high-tech products. For the main content, market-oriented, implement a knowledge-intensive economic entity that is “self-funded, voluntary, self-employed, self-financing, self-development, self-discipline”. Since the reform and opening up, the concept that science and technology are the primary productive forces has gradually penetrated the hearts of the people. With the introduction of the national independent innovation strategy and the gradual implementation, the governments at all levels of the country have also paid more and more attention to and support small and medium-sized enterprises.

     Since its establishment, Wuhu Runlin Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. has been supported and recognized by government departments and related units. This is another honor after our company obtained the qualification of “Science and Technology SMEs in Anhui Province in 2018”. All employees of Runlin are also very grateful to the government for their recognition and support to our company.

    At the same time, all employees of Runlin will continue to work under the leadership of the government and relevant departments, relying on science and technology, adhere to the road of independent innovation, and make our due contribution to the high-tech industry and the local economy!


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